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Hey all,

It’s been a long journey but we’re all here. You’re probably wondering where that familiar face went when Vaperz Inc first opened it’s doors..Yep, it’s me, it’s Alex and I’m back!

As you can tell, we’ve changed a lot since 2013. 3 long years and we’re still running strong! We must have done something right?! Anyhow, I’ve come to let you all know that despite all the FDA regulations that hit, we are still the same great company you all fell in loved with. This time with the addition of and Vaperz Inc Cambodia.

Not enough time? Oh, trust me, I totally understand. Did you know that you could order online, have it shipped or have it ready for pick up at our Centreville store? Yup, we got that covered.

Got time to kill? Then follow us on Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat or if you’re a bit more adventurous, follow my personal Snapchat at: Alezz Pak

Until then, hope to see you again at Vaperz Inc!

Instagram(Annandale): vaperzinc

Instagram(Centreville): vaperzinc_centreville

Snapchat: vaperzinc


-Alex 🙂